Wednesday, May 28, 2008

icky, but need good thoughts

i could use some good healing vibes from everyone for a dear friend of mine.......

my 'brother' thrall was in a car accident last weekend......luckily, he was the only one involved.

he totalled his van, and almost lost his left index finger, along with the use of his left hand.

they saved the finger, but he's gonna need some more surgery and lots of rehab/PT to get back movement at all; he will prolly never get back a full range of movement in that hand. it will prolly be a year before he can really work again, and at least a year until he is allowed to drive.

on the upside, he is thinking about going back to school to find himself a different career...........

and it scared him straight (mostly)!! it's never good when it takes a catastophic incident to make someone see the light and get smart, but with all too many people, it really does take something that horrid.......and i'm proud of him for setting a reasonable goal, such as safe partying, rather than an improbable one, such as never partying again........

no matter how dumb at times, i still love him dearly........and wish him all the best!!!

and hey, this means he'll prolly be at war for a full two weeks.......and i think i get to drag him to classes!! now, to get more info on his new garb.......barbary corsair!!

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