Monday, August 18, 2008

fake "black henna"

alright everyone, here's the deal:: if you are gonna put something on your body, especially in quantities, DO SOME RESEARCH.
henna is a reddish or brownish stain on the skin (depending on skin tone), and starts out as a green-gray powder, that is made into a green-gray paste (that usually smells like various oils).

henna is NEVER black.

it NEVER dries uber-quick.

it ALWAYS starts fading withing a few days; it NEVER lasts a long time (it is a stain, it will start to fade as soon as the skin starts to exfoliate).

the intensity of the color and how long it lasts will depend on where on the body it is applied; palms of the hands and soles of the feet (callused, thick skin) will be darkest, but will start fading soonest. nails will be orange until they grow out. hair will be colored until it grows out. using exfoliating soaps or scrubs will cause it to fade faster.

yes, this tirade has a purpose. just read this article
titled "Henna Hazard: Chemical causes ornate allergies"

there's a ugly, yet strangely nifty pic of a girl's hands, with flower and vine pattern blisters.

please, think about what you put on your body!!!!! henna is a wonderful art form, and a wonderful tradition.......use it mindfully, not as some nifty thing to get to show off to your friends that you were on vacation. they make t-shirts for that.

for more info, try

Friday, August 15, 2008

post-pennsic stuff and nonsense

so yeah, we made it home.........i will be trying to post here more often, life's been a little insane lately!! (apart, of course, from living in a field for the past two weeks)........

pennsic was interesting this year.......from the weather (mostly wonderful, sometimes hot, not too much rain), to the unwar status (the king of the east conceded all war points during opening ceremonies), to a pennsic icon being sick and offsite (thank the gods Og is better!!), to us both being sick (pennsic tummybug, luckily yogurt fixied it), to interpersonal dramas (silly lamas!!).......and i'm certain that there are various and sundry things i'm forgetting to mention (like drogo entering the A&S display, with two items, and getting uber-booty!!).......

the war can be summed up by it's theme this year (according to the merchant liason) "welcome to pennsic!! what the f^&%k???"

on that same note, here's the question i was running around with for a few days at war:: guess what i did one night in bed???
no not that........not that, wash out your brain with soap!!
the answer is, i got stung by a bee......
literally, i rolled over in bed, put my hand on drogo's hip, and got stung (on the hand)......the guys in camp (we had just gone to bed) heard a scream, and then a thump thump thump (as drogo killed it with the hugs flashlight), and then saw me come running out looking for ice.
what fun.
honestly, the fun was asking everyone the question of guess what?? the next day......

now, since war.........
we've got us a chest freezer!! the neighbors gave it to us for some welding's just a little one, but it's still enough that when we see a really good sale on, or hit the farmer's market (or the local neighborhood sheep and goat farmer!), we can stock up a little.......i was cleaning all day to make room for it, then cleaning it, then lighting candles near it so it didn't smell so funny (got left closed while wet, you can guess at teh smell)......
then bad stuff........we discovered that the toilet leaked, by me pulling out some boxes and discovering moldy yarn. luckily, i only had to throw out (so far) one ball of crap yarn, and two pairs of ana's pants that i was saving for posterity (or blue jean bags)........i have more clothes to wash, and lots of yarn to re-skein and wash......luckily, i stocked up on vinegar!! also luckily, i discovered this before all the new wool and alpaca got put into said boxes........

i think that's all so far.........i'm certain i'm forgetting stuff, but you know how it brain is still mush!!

feel free to email, comment, or send a carrier pigeon, we're home now!!!! and i would love to hear from folks.......